Venezuelan Presidents Nephews Found Guilty in Cocaine Case

Two nephews of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro were found guilty of conspiring to traffic 800 kilograms of cocaine into the U.S ., in a politically fraught instance that links the countrys ruling family to the corruption plaguing its economy.

Efrain Antonio Campo Flores, 30, and Franqui Francisco Flores de Freitas, 31, could face 10 years to life in prison after a jury delivered a guilty verdict in Manhattan court Friday. The men are nephews of Cilia Flores, Maduros wife, and Venezuela argues they were kidnapped, showing that the Drug Enforcement Administration has operated illegally in Venezuela, in contravention of a 2005 decree.

In a trial that spanned almost two weeks, their lawyers painted them as nave young men who fell prey to DEA informants under the seduce of big money. They struggled to get ahead in Caracas society and didnt have lavish lifestyles, though, like all members of Maduros extended family, they had their own bodyguards, they said.

U.S. attorneys told another story of impudent elite who tried to use their political connections to get massive amounts of cocaine out of the country through the presidential airplane hanger — and planned to use the trafficking operation to support a disintegrating regime.

They promised a lot of money to guys who lives in a country so damaged…whatever $20 million, $30 million means in the U.S ., it entails endlessly more in Venezuela, said Randall Jackson, a lawyer for the nephews, referring to the sums DEA agents offered his clients.

The prosecution of the nephews, apprehended a year ago in Haiti, is one of several intersecting U.S. probes into Venezuela and Petroleos de Venezuela SA, or PDVSA, its state-owned oil company. U.S. officials are said to be seeking charges against several Venezuelan elite for bribery related to PDVSA, seeking to seize assets that could eventually be returned to Venezuela after a democratic election.

Leftist and unpopular Maduro has no plans to leave office, as our own countries suffers dearths, soaring inflation and a crushing recession. Transparency International ranks Venezuela 158 th out of 168 in corruption.

The nephews boasted they controlled the Caracas airport and sent pilots on multiple test flights to Honduras to try and secure a route, U.S. lawyer Emil Bove said.

They wanted to do as many loads as possible leading up to the Dec. 11 elections, Bove told the jury in closing debates, referring to Venezuelas 2015 parliamentary elections in which Flores was operating for was running for a seat.

He was contended that because a real drug dealer is working in Honduras was the first to construct contact with the nephews and bring him in touch with U.S. informants, it couldnt be considered entrapment.

He was the bridge, Bove told, demonstrating a picture of him standing in a dark Honduran nightscape in between the two nephews and the U.S.s wheelchair-bound informant.

El Sentado
U.S. Attorneys Office

The government botched a sting operation because it failed to provide any actual cocaine as evidence, Jackson, the lawyer for the nephews, told the jury. Informants failed to record key interactions and had dealt medications on the side themselves, destroying their credibility, he said.

The U.S. presented a photo of one of the nephews holding a kilo of cocaine in his hands and presented snippets of chats in which they boast they can get cocaine by the shovel-full.

U.S. law enforcement officials have had mixed success in past attempts to link Venezuelan officials to cocaine trafficking. In August, they unsealed a instance against Nestor Luis Reverol Torres, the former director of the countrys own anti-drug office. Maduro promptly thereafter named Reverol justice minister, saying the U.S. lawsuit was baseless.

In December, the U.S. charged Roberto Rincon, a Venezuelan resident of Houston, with taking part in a bribery strategy involving PDVSA, adding in court documents that he is connected to Hugo Carvajal, wanted in the U.S. for drug trafficking. Rincon pleaded guilty to two countings, including conspiracy to violate corruption laws.

Federal attorneys are also said to be preparing to charge several other individuals and confiscate their property over the alleged looting of PDVSA.

The nephews defense team with Boies, Schiller& Flexner LLP was funded by Wilmer Ruperti, a Venezuelan shipping tycoon who made his fortune under former president Hugo Chavez and contracts ships to PDVSA.

The case is USA v. Campo Flores, 15 -cr-0 0765, U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York( Manhattan ).

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Wenski: Venezuela could be the Syria of Latin America – Crux: Covering all things Catholic

Crux: Covering all things Catholic

US mom hopeful Venezuela will release ailing son after North Korea frees student

Laurie Moon Holt has had very little good news since her son, Josh, was arrested last June on weapons charges and promptly thrown into a Venezuelan jail cell.

But the release of 22 -year-old college student Otto Warmbier from a North Korean prison on Tuesday has given Moon Holt said he hoped that the U.S. State Department can work out a deal that will have her son back stateside soon.

[ The release of Warmbier] means that the administration is working hard on these cases, Moon Holt told Fox News. Anything they can do to further the process along would be great because if we dont get him out soon, I dont think well see him alive again.

Josh Holt, a former Mormon missionary from Utah, was arrested last June 30 along with his Venezuelan wife of five days, Thamara Caleno Candelo, whom he gratified online while go looking for Spanish-speaking Mormons to help him improve his foreign speech skills.

Venezuelan authorities argue Holt was utilizing his wife’s apartment in Caracas to stockpile weapons and have suggested his occurrence is linked to other alleged tries by the U.S. to undermine President Nicolas Maduro’s socialist rule amid deep economic and political turbulence. The newlyweds contend that the weapons were planted in the apartment.

Since his arrest, Moon Holt had recently been able to speak to her son once and has had to rely on reports from Caleno Candelos mother or visits from U.S. officials for information on her sons health and conditions neither of which have been positive.

During the time hes been imprisoned, Holt has suffered dental problems, has contracted a blood infection and has lost between 50 and 60 pounds. His mother also said that Holt has been suffering from depression and at times has hinted at being suicidal.

The hardest part for me is that he told his mother-in-law to tell me to go on with my life and forget about him because he feels like he is never going to get by, Moon Holt said. But Im not going to do that.

Along with his health issues, Holt purportedly has also been subjected to harsh treatment and penalty that his lawyers show are human-rights violations. As penalty for an unspecified action, Holt allegedly was forced to take his clothes off and do squats in a hallway.

Holt has also been unable to shower since Sunday as the prison does not have water at the moment and prison officials have maintained him segregated from the general population and prevented him from exercising or going outside. While officials say this is to protect Holt from hardened offenders, his mother says the isolation is wearing on him.

Its a sort of torture, she said.

As news transgressed that the Department of State had secured Warmbiers release from North Korea, Moon Holt conveyed optimism that this could speed up her sons route to freedom.

U.S. State Department Undersecretary for Political Affairs Thomas A. Shannon was in Venezuela last year to press for Holts release and former Secretary of State John Kerry has previously raised the issue during a meeting with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in Caracas.

“Through formal deliberations, dozens of diplomatic notes, and public statements, we have repeatedly raised concerns, about his health, the conditions of his detention, and his therapy with Venezuelan authorities, ” State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert told Fox News in an email. “We again call on the Venezuelan government to immediately release Joshua Holt on humanitarian grounds.”

The political situation in Venezuela, however, is very different than North Korea.

Supreme leader Kim Jong un and officials in Pyongyang keep order in North Korea through Stalin-like public policies that instill fear in the population, while Maduro is struggling to maintain order and maintain power in a country gripped by unrest.

A widespread protest movement in cities across the country against the Maduro regime has entered its third month and claimed more than 60 lives amid a violent government crackdown. Much of the unrest has been sparked by the countrys soaring inflation rate, a drastic rise in violent crime and widespread shortages of everything from toilet paper to crucial medicines.

An election will be held in July to chose the 545 delegates to a special convention charged with rewriting former President Hugo Chavez’s 1999 constitution and could ultimately ensure Maduro forced from office.

If Maduro is removed from office, Josh will be freed the next day, if not that very day, Moon Holt told.

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