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New Zika Guidelines Will Change How Lots Of Americans Have Sex

Pregnant couples in which a male partner may have been exposed to the mosquito-borne Zika virus should use condoms during vaginal, anal and oral sex or be abstinent in order to prevent sexual transmission of the disease, according to new federal guidelines

That’s because sexually transmitting Zika virus to a pregnant partner may pose a threat to the fetus’ development in the womb, resulting in birth defects. 

If pregnant women or their partners have traveled to an area with active Zika transmission, the guidelines say, they should discuss this potential exposure with an OB/GYN in order to determine if extra testing and evaluation is needed during the pregnancy.  

So far the only bodily fluid associated with sex in which Zika has been found is sperm. And it’s currently unknown how long a person who has had Zika virus will be able to transmit the disease sexually, so researchers have yet to be determined how long men need to use condoms during sex to avoid passing the disease to someone else. 

These new guidelines were released by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Friday, two days after the agency confirmed that the first-ever local transmission of Zika virus in the U.S. happened through sexual contact. An unnamed patient in Dallas got the virus after sleeping with a partner who had recently traveled from Venezuela.

The Dallas case appears to confirm the likelihood of two initial reports of possible sexual transmission of Zika virus. The first case study, published in 2011, suggests that a man who contracted the disease while working in Senegal went on to sexually transmit it to his wife when he returned to his home in Colorado. The second case study reported that a Tahitian man showed signs of the virus in his semen, despite the fact that his blood no longer contained any traces of the pathogen.

The main mode of Zika virus transmission remains mosquito bites; the insect picks up the disease from an infected person and then transmits it to a second person. This method hasn’t happened in the U.S. yet, although the CDC said last week that a small, time-limited outbreak of Zika virus here is “likely.”

Here are the CDC’s complete guidelines on sexual transmission of the virus, broken down by situation: 

1. Couples that include a pregnant woman and a male partner who traveled to or lived in an area with ongoing Zika virus transmission

Use condoms during vaginal, anal and oral sex or be abstinent in order to prevent potential sexual transmission of the disease. You should also discuss both partners’ travel history with an OB/GYN to determine if extra testing and evaluation is needed during the pregnancy. 

2. Couples who aren’t pregnant, but who are worried about sexual transmission because a male partner traveled to or lived in a Zika virus-affected area

Use condoms consistently during sex or consider abstaining, the CDC advised.

Before you make the decision to use condoms and/or abstain, the CDC wants you to know that the virus itself is usually mild. Symptoms can last up to one week, but 80 percent of infected people never even experience them.

Beyond simply being in an area with active Zika transmission, risk for the disease depends on how long a person was there, how many mosquito bites they got and the steps that were taken to prevent bites.

3. Couples who want to become pregnant, with a male partner that recently traveled or lived in an area with Zika virus transmission

Talk to your doctor to consider getting tested for Zika virus.

4. Women who don’t wish to become pregnant, but lived in or traveled in a Zika virus-affected area 

If you’re of reproductive age, discuss family planning and contraception strategies with your doctor with an eye toward mitigating Zika virus risk. 

5. Pregnant women who just traveled in a Zika virus-affected area

The CDC’s previous advice recommended Zika virus testing only for pregnant women who have disease symptoms (fever, rash, joint pain, conjunctivitis) or whose ultrasounds reveal cranial abnormalities in their fetus.

Now, the CDC says doctors can offer you Zika virus testing from two to 12 weeks after your trip to an area affected by the disease, or immediately if you show symptoms.

The CDC also recommends that if you’re pregnant but asymptomatic, you get a Zika virus test at the beginning of prenatal care and then a follow-up around the middle of the second trimester if you live in an area with ongoing Zika virus transmission.

And, in keeping with the CDC’s initial set of guidelines for pregnant travelers, you should discuss with your doctors if additional ultrasounds are necessary to keep a close eye on fetal development. Signs of microcephaly, the birth defect associated with Zika virus infection, only show up on ultrasound scans around the end of the second trimester, notes the New York Times.  

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Also on the Huffington Post: 

Zika Virus In Brazil

Zika Virus In Brazil



In Oct. 2015, Brazil alerted the World Health Organization to a sharp increases of babies born with microcephaly, a birth defect in which babies’ heads are abnormally small.

In this Dec. 23, 2015 photo, Dejailson Arruda holds his daughter Luiza at their house in Santa Cruz do Capibaribe, Pernambuco state, Brazil. Luiza was born in October with a rare condition, known as microcephaly.

Felipe Dana/AP

In Oct. 2015, Brazil alerted the World Health Organization to a sharp increases of babies born with microcephaly, a birth defect in which babies’ heads are abnormally small.

In this Dec. 23, 2015 photo, Dejailson Arruda holds his daughter Luiza at their house in Santa Cruz do Capibaribe, Pernambuco state, Brazil. Luiza was born in October with a rare condition, known as microcephaly.

Felipe Dana/AP

Health officials in Brazil suspected that the sharp rise in microcephaly was linked to the country’s ongoing Zika virus outbreak — a mild, mosquito-borne disease that is estimated to have infected as many as 1.5 million people in Brazil.

In this Dec. 22, 2015 photo, Luiza has her head measured by a neurologist at the Mestre Vitalino Hospital in Caruaru, Pernambuco state, Brazil. Luiza was born in October with a head that was just 11.4 inches (29 centimeters) in diameter, more than an inch (3 centimeters) below the range defined as healthy by doctors.

Felipe Dana/AP

Brazilian health officials soon advised women to delay pregnancy if possible, to prevent microcephaly cases. While they say the link between the two conditions is clear, WHO and other authorities say more research needs to be done before confirming the connection.

In this Dec. 23, 2015 photo, Solange Ferreira bathes her son Jose Wesley in a bucket at their house in Poco Fundo, Pernambuco state, Brazil. Ferreira says her son enjoys being in the water, so she places him in the bucket several times a day to calm him.

Felipe Dana/AP

The zika virus was first identifiedin Africa, spread to parts of Asia and then reached the Americas in 2014, researchers suspect. The Aedes mosquito carries the disease.

A female Aedes aegypti mosquito acquires a blood meal on the arm of a researcher at the Biomedical Sciences Institute in the Sao Paulo’s University, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Monday, Jan. 18, 2016.

Andre Penner/AP

Researchers suspect that the Zika virus is also linked to the spike of a rare, autoimmune disease calledGuillain-Barr syndrome that can result in temporary paralysis.

This January 2016 image provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows a Zika virus, a mosquito-borne disease that has been linked in Brazil to a large number of cases of microcephaly, a rare birth defect. Infants with microcephaly have smaller than normal heads and their brains do not develop properly.

Cynthia Goldsmith/CDC via AP

There is no cure or vaccine for Zika virus. The most reliable way to prevent transmission is to destroy the mosquitos that carry it.

An army soldier and a health agent from Sao Paulo’s Public health secretary check a residence during an operation against the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which is a vector for transmitting the Zika virus in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2016.

Andre Penner/AP

Zika virus is now endemic in 22 countries and territories. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a travel warning to all Americans, and pregnant women in particular, to follow strict guidelines in preventing mosquito bites when traveling to these areas. Pregnant women were also advised to delay travel if possible, while women who want to become pregnant were advised to speak with their healthcare providers before traveling.

Army soldiers and a health agent from Sao Paulo’s Public health secretary check a residence during an operation against the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which is a vector for transmitting the Zika virus in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2016.

Andre Penner/AP

The World Health Organization predicts that Zika virus will spread throughout all of the Americas, barring Canada and Chile.

A health agent from Sao Paulo’s Public health secretary shows an army soldier Aedes aegypti mosquito larvae that she found during clean up operation against the insect, which is a vector for transmitting the Zika virus, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2016.

Andre Penner/AP

Several research institutes and companies are now trying to figure out how to create a vaccine for Zika virus, including theSao Paulo-based Butantan Institute, the U.K.’sGlaxoSmithKline and France’s Sanofi. However,it will be years before anyone develops a reliable vaccine, researchers predict.

A graduate student works on analyzing samples to identify the Zika virus in a laboratory at the Fiocruz institute in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Friday, Jan. 22, 2016.

Leo Correa/AP

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Found: Lost Forests Covering An Area Two-Thirds The Size Of Australia

A new global analysis of the distribution of forests and woodlands has found 467 million hectares of previously unreported forest an area equivalent to 60% of the size of Australia. The

The discovery increases the known amount of global forest cover by around 9%, and will significantly boost estimates of how much carbon is stored in plants worldwide.

The new forests were found by surveying drylands so called because they receive much less water in precipitation than they lose through evaporation and plant transpiration. As we and our colleagues report today in the journal Science, these drylands contain 45% more forest than has been found in previous surveys.

We found new dryland forest on all inhabited continents, but mainly in sub-Saharan Africa, around the Mediterranean, central India, coastal Australia, western South America, northeastern Brazil, northern Colombia and Venezuela, and northern parts of the boreal forests in Canada and Russia. In Africa, our study has doubled the amount of known dryland forest.

The worlds drylands: forested areas shown in green; non-forested areas in yellow. Bastin et al., Science (2017)

With current satellite imagery and mapping techniques, it might seem amazing that these forests have stayed hidden in plain sight for so long. But this type of forest was previously difficult to measure globally, because of the relatively low density of trees.

Whats more, previous surveys were based on older, low-resolution satellite images that did not include ground validation. In contrast, our study used higher-resolution satellite imagery available through Google Earth Engine including images of more than 210,000 dryland sites and used a simple visual interpretation of tree number and density. A sample of these sites were compared with field information to assess accuracy.

Unique opportunity

Given that drylands which make up about 40% of Earths land surface have more capacity to support trees and forest than we previously realised, we have a unique chance to combat climate change by conserving these previously unappreciated forests.

Drylands contain some of the most threatened, yet disregarded, ecosystems, many of which face pressure from climate change and human activity. Climate change will cause many of these regions to become hotter and even drier, while human expansion could degrade these landscapes yet further. Climate models suggest that dryland biomes could expand by 11-23% by the end of the this century, meaning they could cover more than half of Earths land surface.

Considering the potential of dryland forests to stave off desertification and to fight climate change by storing carbon, it will be crucial to keep monitoring the health of these forests, now that we know they are there.

Ground-based observations were a crucial part of the survey. TERN AusPlots, Author provided
Climate policy boost

The discovery will dramatically improve the accuracy of models used to calculate how much carbon is stored in Earths landscapes. This in turn will help calculate the carbon budgets by which countries can measure their progress towards the targets set out in the Kyoto Protocol and its successor, the Paris Agreement.

Our study increases the estimates of total global forest carbon stocks by anywhere between 15 gigatonnes and 158 gigatonnes of carbon an increase of between 2% and 20%.

This study provides more accurate baseline information on the current status of carbon sinks, on which future carbon and climate modelling can be based. This will reduce errors for modelling of dryland regions worldwide. Our discovery also highlights the importance of conservation and forest growth in these areas.

The authors acknowledge the input of Jean-Franois Bastin and Mark Grant in the writing of this article. The research was carried out by researchers from 14 organisations around the world, as part of the UN Food and Agriculture Organizations Global Forest Survey.

Andrew Lowe, Professor of Plant Conservation Biology, University of Adelaide and Ben Sparrow, Associate professor and Director – TERN AusPlots and Eco-informatics, University of Adelaide

This article was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article.

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Tips On How To Handle Lawyers There are lots of occasions wh

Tips On How To Handle Lawyers There are lots of occasions when a legal representative could be needed. If you have never ever managed legal professionals well before, it could be a little mind-boggling. You have to continue to keep numerous things at heart, such as successful communication and exactly how a lot you will be having to pay. You’ll be better prepared for your exposure to legal counsel should you implement the ideas in this article. Usually get a record of the legal professional to think about before you maintain him. Because they can exercise don’t imply that they’re profitable. Therefore, be sure you look at his / her record as a way to increase your assurance that he or she suits you. Hiring a legal professional ought to be the first thing you need to do in case you are in danger with the legislation. Ensure that you in no way consider to handle the make a difference all by yourself, as this is very dangerous. Legal professionals hold the required experience to take care of your circumstances. Have a cost list from every lawyer you meet with. Service fees are going to vary a lot depending on that lawyer’s encounter and need. This means that you must learn exactly what the fees will be ahead of paying out them. You don’t want to disregard a legal professional past due inside the online game since you simply can’t afford to pay for them. You possibly will not realize that legal professionals have to maintain your chats private. This simply means he can’t go over it with your loved ones, competitors or anybody else, like the courtroom. Ensure your lawyer and you are on the same web page in relation to organizing events. Stay in feel. You may not want a attorney who meets you when and after that vanishes for a few months at one time. Receiving a timetable set up helps you not come across this case. Hear the advice your attorney will give you, but keep in mind that they are working for you. Unless you feel relaxed with one thing they explain to you, it really is fine to speak up. There are various circumstances they focus on at once, so they could forget about one thing. Check with a good amount of questions when meeting with the attorney. The proper attorney will be happy to solution inquiries you might have. Should you can’t get answers from your legal professional, then it may be time to consider a new one. On-line legal professional referrer providers don’t always screen the lawyers on their own lists. It’s your choice do research them to see if they are adequate that you can hire them. Check with your legal representative about things that you can do on your own to help lessen his job as well as the fees he will ask you for. Maybe there is some documents you may attend to. Also, ask whether or not you may work certain tasks for your personal case so you aren’t charged when other people must do them. You should continually be equipped facing an attorney, irrespective of your factors behind using the services of a single. Be sure and implement the guidelines talked about previous the next time you will need a legal representative. It may help you coupled in a tough time.

Techniques For Proceeding By Using A Personal Injury Circums

Techniques For Proceeding By Using A Personal Injury Circumstance It’s out of the question to refute the unfavorable affects of your injury on your own standard of living. Should you go through a physical injury brought on by the fault of another, a great accidental injury attorney is essential to your power to retrieve economically. You’ll have a better chance of making it when you use what you’ve acquired here. You could have a pre-existing situation nevertheless, you might be nevertheless qualified to receive reimbursement for accidents you could have had. Be truthful with the legal professional concerning the traumas you had ahead of the automobile accident. There is nothing a whole lot worse compared to the lawyer getting surprised by them at a later time. Speak to your local Pub Connection to get started seeking out a great lawyer or attorney. This is the easiest way to examine an attorney’s reputation and track record in their group. Look at the law firm’s sizing before making your choice. In case the stakes are substantial, you might want the time of the larger business. But, when your subject calls for more individual attention, a smaller, more cost-effective company could be a better option. Will not neglect the significance of documenting your circumstance, as it may indicate a whole lot in the end. Pictures can mean everything. If you cannot get your own images, question somebody inside your loved ones or perhaps a good friend for taking them. This ought to be carried out as rapidly after the trauma as possible for the most precise photos. Prevent deciding on according to flashy advertisements. Instead, utilize a top quality attorney that may show their success. The very best law offices will be in the trenches milling out situations and not concentrating on marketing. Meet up with them in person before getting them. Be mindful inside your transactions with insurance carriers. You will probably have to be involved with one or more insurance firm on your assert, so be on your safeguard. The most important thing these organizations need to do is get the situation over with easily but for the very least amount of cash achievable. A legal representative will help you navigate their procedures. Don’t be shy about asking them questions whenever you talk to your legal professional. For instance, find out about the length of your situation prep and the courtroom time, and discover the charges engaged. You could be a little more secure as soon as you commence asking questions. Vehicle Accident In the event you practical experience a vehicle crash, document everything you can keep in mind for your attorney. Destroy the permit dish variety of every other autos in the picture. Be aware of which insurance carriers you will be working with. Make replicates for any authorities documentation, like seat tickets. Gathering these details facilitates a faster, more potent suit. When in an accident, get all the information you need through the individual who you collided with. Regardless if you think you happen to be wounded right then, it really is achievable difficulties can show them selves a couple of days later. If a mind damage will give you a cerebrovascular accident, you should be able to data file a legal action in opposition to the person who hurt you. Every time a accidental injury comes about as a result of acts or omissions of another, the influence on the patient in addition to their family can be extremely important. As a result, knowing superb personal injury tips is vital for succeeding your scenario. Ideally, you have sufficient information to carry on lower a successful pathway.