Trump too tough on Iran, North Korea, Clinton says

With his tough talk and hardline stances on Iran and North Korea, President Donald Trump is damaging America’s credibility abroad – and could provoke a nuclear-arms race in East Asia, Hillary Clinton says.

Trump’s recent threat to decertify the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, “makes us look foolish and small and plays right into Iranian hands,” Clinton said last week.

“That is bad not just on the merits for this particular situation, but it sends a message across the globe that America’s word is not good,” said Clinton, who spoke in advance of Trump’s announcement Friday that he wants Congress and the other nations that negotiated the deal to toughen the requirements for Iran.

“This particular president is, I think, upending the kind of trust and credibility of the United States’ position and negotiation that is imperative to maintain.”

“This particular president is, I think, upending the kind of trust and credibility of the United States’ position and negotiation that is imperative to maintain.”

– Hillary Clinton

For his part, Trump says that Clinton, as secretary of state under former President Barack Obama, helped negotiate a “terrible” deal with Iran.

Getting tough on Iran is the right approach, the president said.

“We will not continue down a path whose predictable conclusion is more violence, more terror and the very real threat of Iran’s nuclear breakout,” Trump said Friday, according to the Washington Times. “Iran is not living up to the spirit of the deal.”

Clinton also denounced Trump’s bellicose language toward North Korea, saying his verbal aggression has rattled U.S. allies.

“We will now have an arms race — a nuclear arms race in East Asia,” Clinton predicted. “We will have the Japanese, who understandably are worried with missiles flying over them as the North Koreans have done, that they can’t count on America.”

Clinton stressed that a diplomatic solution was preferred, and suggested the inflammatory rhetoric played into Kim Jung Un’s hands. She bemoaned Trump’s public undercutting of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson when he tweeted “Save your energy, Rex” after the nation’s top diplomat had suggested negotiations.

“Diplomacy, preventing war, creating some deterrents is slow, hard-going, difficult work,” said Clinton, who declined to answer when asked whether Tillerson should resign. “And you can’t have impulsive people or ideological people who basically say, ‘Well, we’re done with you.'”

Trump on Sept. 21 signed an executive order calling for a new round of economic sanctions against North Korea over its nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

The president said the actions were aimed at “a complete denuclearization of North Korea,” the Washington Times reported.

“North Korea’s nuclear weapons and missile development is a grave threat to peace and security in our world,” Trump said. “It is unacceptable that others financially support this criminal rogue regime.”

Clinton, who recently released a book that recounts her election defeat to Trump, has been an aggressive critic of the president.

In an interview with Britain’s BBC on Friday, Clinton called Trump a “sexual assaulter.”

Clinton made the comments when asked about the allegations of sexual assault made against Democratic mega-donor and Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. 

“This kind of behavior cannot be tolerated anywhere, whether it’s in entertainment, politics,” Clinton said. “After all, we have someone admitting to being a sexual assaulter in the Oval Office.”

In the same interview, Clinton referred to the sexual transgressions of her husband – former President Bill Clinton – as being “clearly in the past,” Fox News reported.

Clinton’s comments on Iran and North Korea were scheduled to air Sunday on CNN. The White House did not immediately return a request to respond to her remarks.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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Trump Suggests Hed Beat Tillerson in an IQ Test

President Donald Trump defended his intelligence after reports that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called him a “moron.’’

“I think it’s fake news, but if he did that, I guess we’ll have to compare IQ tests,” Trump said in an interview with Forbes Magazine published Tuesday. “And I can tell you who is going to win.”

The president’s comments come less than a week after NBC News reported that Tillerson had described the president in unflattering terms and was on the verge of resigning earlier this year.

Trump and Tillerson have denied the reports, though Tillerson didn’t directly answer when reporters asked if he had called the president a moron. A State Department spokeswoman later said Tillerson doesn’t use that kind of language.

Trump is set to meet with Tillerson at the White House on Tuesday. Tillerson told reporters last week that he would be giving the president a recommendation on what to do about the Iran nuclear deal. Trump has called the deal an “embarrassment” and threatened to decertify it before an Oct. 15 deadline.

In the interview with Forbes, Trump also said that many of the unfilled positions within the State Department would remain empty. Tillerson has publicly complained about the slow pace of getting his assistant secretaries and other deputies nominated and confirmed.

“I’m generally not going to make a lot of the appointments that would normally be –because you don’t need them,” Trump said. “I mean, you look at some of these agencies, how massive they are, and it’s totally unnecessary. They have hundreds of thousands of people.”

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    5 things for Thursday, July 6: President Trump, North Korea, Volvo

    ( CNN) Amazon Prime Day is right around the corner. Here’s what to expect and what else you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door.( You can also get “5 Things You Require to Know Today” delivered to your inbox daily. Sign up here .)

    President Donald Trump ran after North Korea over its latest missile exam but also determined time to blast CNN and former President Barack Obama during his press conference this morning with Polish PresidentAndrzej Duda. He also said, yeah, Russia “and others” meddled in the 2016 election but downplayed US intelligence agencies’ assessment of it all. Poland is Trump’s first stop on a European journey that will take him to Germany for a G20 summit, including amuch-anticipated face-to-face sessionwith Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    Trump: Russia ‘and others’ meddled in election

    Haley: Day to escalate response to N Korea

    Clashes at Venezuelan National Assembly

    Who is Rep. Steve Scalise?

    Volvo to make all its autoes electric by 2019

    Does photo show Amelia Earhart survived?

    Giant iceberg due to break away

    The Shirk Report Volume 356

    Welcome to the Shirk Report where you will find 25 funny images, 10 interesting articles and 5 entertaining videos from the last 7 days of sifting. Most images found on Reddit; articles from Twitter, RSS and email; videos come from everywhere. Any suggestions? Send a note to submit @twistedsifter. com

    25 IMAGES

    Friday !
    You can actually pinpoint that exact moment he realizes
    First I read the card, and then I read the warn sticker
    Premature celebration
    This was not well thought out
    This was spotted in Hong Kong
    Come to think of it
    “Who wants a drinking? ” | “Not me” | “Over here rookies”
    What a random observation
    This cameraman’s darknes is a labrador
    The gold medal vault routines in 1956 and 2012
    Do you even exist ?~ ATAGEND
    Forever alone
    Someone needs to tell her
    A! Viva la RevoluciA3n !
    You thought you’d find a naughty word didn’t you ?~ ATAGEND
    So close
    Big cats love boxes too
    “It was way colder this morning”
    The zoom is perfect
    I live for lazy Sundays
    Until next week


    The Dawn of a New Era in Science
    How Dark is Your Personality ?~ ATAGEND
    French law forbids food waste by supermarkets
    Venezuela Is About to Go Bust
    Rick Rubin: My Life in 21 Sungs
    Artur Fischer, Inventor With More Patents Than Edison, Succumbs at 96
    Coca-ColaaEUR( tm) s clever new trick
    The Garden of Earthly Delights by Jheronimus Bosch: An Online Interactive Adventure
    AI is Transforming Google Search. The Rest of the Web is Next
    Your Next New Best Friend Might Be a Robot

    5 VIDEOS+ dad joke


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    Venezuela’s president orders 60% hike of minimum wage … in a 500% inflation

    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced Sunday a 60 percentage increase in the minimum monthly wage, from 40,638 bolivares to 65,021 bolivares the latter value approximately $90 at the present official exchange of 717 bolivares per dollar.

    It was the third pay increase the socialist leader has ordered this year and the 15 th since he became president in 2013.

    Maduro also handed out hundreds of free homes amid his efforts to counter a strengthening protest motion trying his removal.

    “I have decided to increase the minimum wage, pensions …. for all workers in the public administration … by 60 percentage, ” said the president on his weekly broadcast, mandatory on both radio and television.


    In the midst of a bruising economic crisis, the leftist government has not published inflation the necessary data for more than a year but according to Venezuelan consultancy Ecoanalitica, inflation was 525 percentage last year.

    New York-based investment bank Torino Capital, use one popular food item as a proxy, put it at 453 percent.

    In addition, President Maduro said he had decided to raise the mandatory food subsidy from 108,000 to 135,000 bolivares, “that is, employees will have a minimum legal income of 200, 000 bolivares, ” or about $278 per month.


    The proclamations came as government advocates and Maduro’s foes prepared for rival marchings to commemorate May Day on Monday.

    Twenty-nine people have been killed, hundreds injured and more than 1,300 arrested during a month of protests that are the bloodiest to hit Venezuela since anti-government upheaval in 2014 resulted in more than 40 dead.

    Protesters accuse Maduro of taking Venezuela down the path of totalitarianism, unrest triggered by the government-stacked Supreme court stripping congress of its last vestiges of power.

    They are demanding early elections and liberty for dozens of political prisoner as a way out of the stalemate.


    Minutes after the announcement, the president of the National Commerce and Services Council of Venezuela, Cipriana Ramos, said she was not “surprised” at the projected increase but that it would “hit companies … much harder.”

    In remarks to private Union Radio, Ramos said that “putting up with a pay increase at this time of crisis the country is experiencing is impossible.”

    EFE, AP and Reuters contributed to this report .

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    Guilty plea in attempted cyberattack on US govt. computers | Fox News

    A former Nuclear Regulatory Commission scientist pleaded guilty Tuesday to a federal computer crime, admitting that he attempted to launch a cyber-attack on government computers by sending employees emails that he guessed contained a virus.

    Charles Harvey Eccleston, who was detained in the Philippines last year and deported to the United States to face charges, faces up to 10 years in prison when he’s sentenced.

    Prosecutors say Eccleston last year attempted “spear-phishing” emails to dozens of Energy Department email accounts a technique in which hackers send targeted, legitimate-looking emails that when opened can launch malicious software onto a recipient’s computer network. The aim was to expose the computer system to a virus and extract sensitive information on nuclear weapon that could then be passed to a foreign country.

    But the email attachment in this case an invitation to a meeting was actually benign and was manufactured as part of an undercover FBI operation in which an agent posed as a foreign intelligence officer.

    The scheme began in 2013 when Eccleston entered a foreign embassy in the Philippines where he moved after being fired from the NRC in 2010 and offered to sell more than 5,000 “top secret” address of Energy Department employees in exchange for more than $18,000.

    Eccleston said that if the embassy refused, he could offer the “top secret” information to Iran, Venezuela or China. The identity of the embassy was not indicates that there is tribunal documents and remains classified, attorneys said.

    Instead, the embassy contacted the FBI, and an undercover agent pose as an intelligence officer then reached out to Eccleston to coordinate on the planned cyber-attack.

    Eccleston spoke briefly at the plea hearing, went on to say that the email addresses he offered to sell to the embassy were not classified.

    “I never set out to do anything that this developed into, ” Eccleston told U.S. District Judge Randolph Moss.

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    Trumps Puerto Rico Comments Rocked These Markets

    Puerto Rico’s debt crisis re-emerged with a bang on Wall Street Wednesday.

    Shares of bond insurers tumbled and the price of a tranche of the island’s bonds sank to levels equal to those in Venezuela after U.S. President Donald Trump suggested the debt may need to be “wiped clean," while bonds issued by the U.S. Virgin Islands also came under pressure.

    MBIA Inc., Assured Guaranty and Ambac Financial Group — bond insurers with exposure to the U.S. territory — were likewise hit, though they pared losses after Mick Mulvaney, director of the Office of Management and Budget, said not to take the president’s remarks "word for word."

    Isaac Boltansky and Lukas Davaz, analysts at Compass Point Research & Trading LLC, suggested investors should take Trump’s remarks "seriously, but not literally," echoing remarks made by billionaire investor Peter Thiel during the presidential campaign.

    "Our sense is that President Trump’s comments were meant to empathize and possibly catalyze, but we do not believe his statements represent an actual threat to extrajudicially wipe out bondholders," they added.

    While that may be the case, they’re helping to weigh on the prices of bonds from the Virgin Islands, the other U.S. territory in the Caribbean devastated by hurricanes.

    Analysts at BTIG also questioned Trump’s capacity to affect Puerto Rico’s debt restructuring, and advised clients to buy the dip in the bond insurers. Any aid provided by the administration and Congress in the wake of the catastrophe could prove a boon to Puerto Rico’s creditors, they added.

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      Dozens dead in prison, days after 60 killed, Brazil officials say

      Relatives of prisoners wait to know the names of inmates who died in a riot Tuesday.( AP Photo/ Michael Dantas)

      Brazilian authorities said Friday that at least 33 prisoners have died in a penitentiary in the northern nation of Roraima, adding to 60 demises reported at other prisons.


      Friday’s statement from the justice secretary said the prisoners succumbed overnight at the Agricultural Penitentiary of Monte Cristo. It did not provide details.

      A police statement said policemen, including a heavily armed military-like riot squad, had been deployed to the prison. A military police spokesman declined to comment further.


      The apparent bloodshed comes just days after rebellions in other two prisons left 60 dead in the neighboring country of Amazonas.

      Authorities say gangs are fighting for the control of narcotic routes in the northern part of the country, which borders Colombia, Venezuela, Peru and the Guianas.

      Four prisons in the neighboring country of Amazonas ensure riots Sunday and Monday. One institution suffered the country’s worst prison bloodshed since 1992, with half of the 56 slain beheaded and several others also dismembered. In another of the riots, four prisoners died.

      A total of 184 inmates escaped from Amazonas prisons in the disturbances. As of Thursday afternoon, merely 65 had been recaptured.

      Authorities say that in Amazonas, the local Family of the North gang attacked members of Sao Paulo-based First Command, Brazil’s biggest criminal organization. The two fight over the control of prisons and narcotic routes in northern Brazil.

      In October, a riot at the Agricultural Penitentiary of Monte Cristo, the same where disorders were reported on Friday, left 18 dead.

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      Dealing With Attorneys Ideas Through The Professionals In Th

      Dealing With Attorneys Ideas Through The Professionals In The Area In terms of working with a legal representative, folks are typically at a loss regarding exactly where they will be browsing. Due to the great number of lawyers currently, it is often difficult to explain to the good from the not-so-good. Read on to learn all you should find out about lawyers. Any person accused doing any sort of serious offense need to have a legal professional. This should be carried out when you are accused to shield on your own. Attorneys get the practical experience necessary to deal with your situation. Usually do not hire a legal representative who determines the first make contact with. This can be popular exercise amid fraudsters and unethical legitimate varieties it is often viewed when there is a sizable money pay out offered. Ensure that you do your own analysis, and in case some thing appears also excellent to be true this most likely is. By no means go along with the initial legal representative the truth is within the yellow pages when you need one particular. It’s extremely essential that you perform some research on the issue initially. I got the legal representative my real estate professional supplied me when choosing my initial residence, and it also ended up she’d misplaced her certificate for malpractice! It will always be preferable to be safe than sorry. It is vital that you and the legal professional have an open brand of communication. If you have due dates with regards to your situation, you should supply your legal professional with all the current necessary information that is needed. Your cohesiveness will assist in your circumstance. Make sure you are more comfortable with your legal professional. Get everything under consideration, from how you feel when you initially meet him to his amount of knowledge and data. Search for yet another legal representative in the event the skilled you appointed fails to cause you to feel secure. When you may possibly stumble throughout something on the net which helps you find a legal professional, you must know that you will don’t know whether or not they’ve screen out of the bad ones. It’s your choice investigate them to determine if these are sufficient that you can employ them. If you wish to save a ton of money and time, you must make up to you may just before even gonna notice a attorney. They could effortlessly offer you a bid, in cases like this. It is possible to reduce fees because they are productive. How warm and friendly are definitely the staff in the business? Keep an eye on how much time it will require to obtain a return contact and exactly how beneficial the receptionist is. When they require much time contacting you back again, it may be a sign of methods they’ll treat you when you come to be a real buyer. You need to have an effortless doing work partnership along with your legal professional, so it’s crucial that you go along nicely. Do not plan to build a good connection if your legal professional fails to truly cause you to feel comfy. Be sure you have confidence in individual instincts and select legal counsel whoever personality is useful with the individuality. Discovering the right attorney to your scenario can take some time. You must do a huge amount of study to make sure you obtain the correct reflection. Take advantage of the recommendations earlier mentioned to be of assistance with locating a great attorney who may have your passions under consideration.

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