How To Establish When You Ought To Swap Attorneys You will f

How To Establish When You Ought To Swap Attorneys You will find few issues even worse than going to the courtroom without a clue. Even if you are plainly within the appropriate, there is no such thing being a guaranteed acquire, a minimum of not without having your legal representative. Keep to the guidance offered here to produce a clever choice. If charged with committing a severe criminal activity, the main point to do is employ an attorney. You must stay away from expressing anything private in your legal representative simply because this could cause you to hurt your chances of successful. Furthermore, you could accidentally crack legislation. Great legal professionals contain satisfactory practical experience for coping with your position. You need to speak with your attorney concerning the greatest time for you to interact with each other. A lot of law firms work for clients without the need of talking with them for a while. You just might stay away from this if you make a schedule soon after you hire your legal professional. Before beginning your homework, seek the advice of the individuals you understand. When possible, question buddies or relatives who have addressed comparable troubles previously. This can save you a lot of hassle in the end and expedite the employing process. Request plenty of questions to each and every attorney that you simply talk to. Whenever you consult with them at first, they must be capable and happy to response the questions you ask them. It’s their duty to make sure you are satisfied with their knowledge levels and expertise. If this type of isn’t the situation then you shouldn’t employ that attorney. You really should offer a lawyer referral service a shot. Most of these professional services can assist you in locating a very good lawyer. They will vary in high quality because most will screen lawyers and just listing people that have certain qualifications and particular levels of practical experience. Other folks will collection whoever has insurance as well as a permit. Check into their qualifications before you choose a affiliate assistance. Prior to your lawyer or attorney starts to work on your case, indication an agreement that outlines the charge framework. This enables you to know what type of finances to obtain in mind. Legalities often have silent and invisible expenditures, for example dropped function or tension. Develop a budget. It really is a excellent time and energy to get all fiscal and private issues as a way. When you would like a legal professional, ensure that they focus on the sort of circumstance you are looking for. There are actually lawyers who concentrate on certain legal situations, real-estate, mental home laws and regulations, and plenty much more. Get the appropriate lawyer the very first time, so that you don’t have to make adjustments for your staff at a later time. It’s vital that you are comfy using the attorney you choose. A highly effective lawyer comes with an best mixture of intellect, expertise and interaction skills. Unless you feel proper relating to your legal professional, do something and have a completely new one. In spite of your situations, it’s required to stay prepared and professional in lawful is important. You actually need an attorney that is going to operate in your best interest. With any luck ,, the information in this article put you in an excellent place that will assist you take care of the authorized matter and perform appropriate points.

Venezuela's Elections Will Surely Be Rigged. So Why Run? – Americas Quarterly

Americas Quarterly

Venezuela's Elections Will Surely Be Rigged. So Why Run?
Americas Quarterly
The government's willingness to stuff ballots, break electoral rules and limit opposition voters from reaching the polls means there is almost no risk of Maduro losing. But four opposition candidates, three from small parties and one independent, have
Venezuela fire: 68 die in Carabobo police station cellsBusinessGhana
Venezuelans before critical presidential electionsOpen Democracy
Parliamentary body demands Venezuela halt 'harassment' of opposition MPsReuters
Petroleum Economist
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United Nations Fast Facts

(CNN)Here’s a look at the United Nations, an organization of 193 member states from around the world.

United Nations Charter:
October 24, 1945 –
The official United Nations Charter is ratified by China, France, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, the United States and a majority of other countries. There are 51 member states when the charter is ratified.
The UN Charter states that the purposes of the UN are to:
    “Maintain international peace and security…”
    “To develop friendly relations among nations…”
    “To achieve international co-operation in solving international problems…”
    “To be a centre for harmonizing the actions of nations in the attainment of these common ends.”
    The secretary-general is the head of the Secretariat, which carries out the work of the UN as directed by the General Assembly, the Security Council and other UN bodies.
    The secretary-general is “appointed by the General Assembly on the recommendation of the Security Council.”
    The secretary-general serves a five-year term, which is renewable.
    Antonio Guterres is the secretary-general of the United Nations. He is from Portugal. His term began on January 1, 2017.
    General Assembly:
    “Main deliberative, policymaking and representative organ” of the UN.
    The decisions of the General Assembly have no legal binding force.
    Made up of representatives from each member state. Each member state has one vote in the General Assembly.
    Decisions on major issues such as peace or security issues, new member admissions or budget issues require a two-thirds majority. Other decisions require only a majority vote.
    The presidency of the General Assembly rotates among five groups of member states: African, Asian, Eastern European, Latin American/Caribbean, and Western European.
    A president, 21 vice-presidents, and the chairmen of the six main committees of the General Assembly are elected at the start of each regular session.
    The General Assembly’s regular sessions begin on the third Tuesday in September. They continue until the third week of December, but can also go on year-round.
    The General Assembly also may meet in special sessions if so requested by the Security Council or if a majority of the member states request it.
    An emergency special session may be called within 24 hours if any of the nine members of the Security Council request it or if a majority of the member states request it, or if one member state requests it and the majority concurs.
    Member states — (Date of Admission) – 193 members:
    Afghanistan — (19 Nov. 1946)
    Albania — (14 Dec. 1955)
    Algeria — (8 Oct. 1962)
    Andorra — (28 July 1993)
    Angola — (1 Dec. 1976)
    Antigua and Barbuda — (11 Nov. 1981)
    Argentina — (24 Oct. 1945)
    Armenia — (2 Mar. 1992)
    Australia — (1 Nov. 1945)
    Austria– (14 Dec. 1955)
    Azerbaijan — (2 Mar. 1992)
    Bahamas — (18 Sep. 1973)
    Bahrain — (21 Sep. 1971)
    Bangladesh — (17 Sep. 1974)
    Barbados — (9 Dec. 1966)
    Belarus — (24 Oct. 1945)
    Belgium — (27 Dec. 1945)
    Belize — (25 Sep. 1981)
    Benin — (20 Sep. 1960)
    Bhutan — (21 Sep. 1971)
    Bolivia — (14 Nov. 1945)
    Bosnia and Herzegovina — (22 May 1992)
    Botswana — (17 Oct. 1966)
    Brazil — (24 Oct. 1945)
    Brunei Darussalam — (21 Sep. 1984)
    Bulgaria — (14 Dec. 1955)
    Burkina Faso — (20 Sep. 1960)
    Burundi — (18 Sep. 1962)
    Cambodia — (14 Dec. 1955)
    Cameroon — (20 Sep. 1960)
    Canada — (9 Nov. 1945)
    Cape Verde — (16 Sep. 1975)
    Central African Republic — (20 Sep. 1960)
    Chad — (20 Sep. 1960)
    Chile — (24 Oct. 1945)
    China — (24 Oct. 1945)
    Colombia — (5 Nov. 1945)
    Comoros — (12 Nov. 1975)
    Congo — (20 Sep. 1960)
    Costa Rica — (2 Nov. 1945)
    Côte d’Ivoire — (20 Sep. 1960)
    Croatia — (22 May 1992)
    Cuba — (24 Oct. 1945)
    Cyprus — (20 Sep. 1960)
    Czech Republic — (19 Jan. 1993)
    Democratic People’s Republic of Korea — (17 Sep. 1991)
    Democratic Republic of the Congo — (20 Sep. 1960)
    Denmark — (24 Oct. 1945)
    Djibouti — (20 Sep. 1977)
    Dominica — (18 Dec. 1978)
    Dominican Republic — (24 Oct. 1945)
    Ecuador — (21 Dec. 1945)
    Egypt — (24 Oct. 1945)
    El Salvador — (24 Oct. 1945)
    Equatorial Guinea — (12 Nov. 1968)
    Eritrea — (28 May 1993)
    Estonia — (17 Sep. 1991)
    Ethiopia — (13 Nov. 1945)
    Fiji — (13 Oct. 1970)
    Finland — (14 Dec. 1955)
    France– (24 Oct. 1945)
    Gabon — (20 Sep. 1960)
    Gambia — (21 Sep. 1965)
    Georgia — (31 July 1992)
    Germany — (18 Sep. 1973)
    Ghana — (8 Mar. 1957)
    Greece — (25 Oct. 1945)
    Grenada — (17 Sep. 1974)
    Guatemala — (21 Nov. 1945)
    Guinea — (12 Dec. 1958)
    Guinea-Bissau — (17 Sep. 1974)
    Guyana — (20 Sep. 1966)
    Haiti — (24 Oct. 1945)
    Honduras — (17 Dec. 1945)
    Hungary — (14 Dec. 1955)
    Iceland — (19 Nov. 1946)
    India — (30 Oct. 1945)
    Indonesia — (28 Sep. 1950)
    Iran (Islamic Republic of) — (24 Oct. 1945)
    Iraq — (21 Dec. 1945)
    Ireland — (14 Dec. 1955)
    — (11 May 1949)
    Italy — (14 Dec. 1955)
    Jamaica — (18 Sep. 1962)
    Japan — (18 Dec. 1956)
    Jordan — (14 Dec. 1955)
    Kazakhstan — (2 Mar. 1992)
    Kenya — (16 Dec. 1963)
    Kiribati — (14 Sept. 1999)
    Kuwait — (14 May 1963)
    Kyrgyzstan — (2 Mar. 1992)
    Lao People’s Democratic Republic — (14 Dec. 1955)
    Latvia — (17 Sep. 1991)
    — (24 Oct. 1945)
    Lesotho — (17 Oct. 1966)
    — (2 Nov. 1945)
    Libya — (14 December 1955)
    Liechtenstein — (18 Sep. 1990)
    Lithuania — (17 Sep. 1991)
    Luxembourg– (24 Oct. 1945)
    Macedonia (The former Yugoslav Republic of) — (8 April 1993)
    Madagascar — (20 Sep. 1960)
    Malawi — (1 Dec. 1964)
    Malaysia — (17 Sep. 1957)
    Maldives — (21 Sep. 1965)
    Mali — (28 Sep. 1960)
    Malta — (1 Dec. 1964)
    Marshall Islands — (17 Sep. 1991)
    Mauritania — (27 Oct. 1961)
    Mauritius — (24 Apr. 1968)
    Mexico — (7 Nov. 1945)
    Micronesia (Federated States of) — (17 Sep. 1991)
    Monaco — (28 May 1993)
    Mongolia — (27 Oct. 1961)
    Montenegro — (28 June 2006)
    Morocco — (12 Nov. 1956)
    Mozambique — (16 Sep. 1975)
    Myanmar — (19 Apr. 1948)
    Namibia — (23 Apr. 1990)
    Nauru — (14 Sept. 1999)
    Nepal — (14 Dec. 1955)
    Netherlands — (10 Dec. 1945)
    New Zealand — (24 Oct. 1945)
    Nicaragua — (24 Oct. 1945)
    Niger — (20 Sep. 1960)
    Nigeria — (7 Oct. 1960)
    Norway — (27 Nov. 1945)
    Oman — (7 Oct. 1971)
    Pakistan — (30 Sep. 1947)
    Palau — (15 Dec. 1994)
    Panama — (13 Nov. 1945)
    Papua New Guinea — (10 Oct. 1975)
    Paraguay — (24 Oct. 1945)
    Peru — (31 Oct. 1945)
    Philippines — (24 Oct. 1945)
    Poland — (24 Oct. 1945)
    Portugal — (14 Dec. 1955)
    Qatar — (21 Sep. 1971)
    Republic of Korea — (17 Sep. 1991)
    Republic of Moldova — (2 Mar. 1992)
    Romania — (14 Dec. 1955)
    Russian Federation — (24 Oct. 1945)
    Rwanda — (18 Sep. 1962)
    Saint Kitts and Nevis — (23 Sep. 1983)
    Saint Lucia — (18 Sep. 1979)
    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines — (16 Sep. 1980)
    Samoa — (15 Dec. 1976)
    San Marino — (2 Mar. 1992)
    Sao Tome and Principe — (16 Sep. 1975)
    Saudi Arabia — (24 Oct. 1945)
    Senegal — (28 Sep. 1960)
    Serbia — (1 Nov. 2000)
    Seychelles — (21 Sep. 1976)
    Sierra Leone — (27 Sep. 1961)
    Singapore — (21 Sep. 1965)
    Slovakia — (19 Jan. 1993)
    Slovenia — (22 May 1992)
    Solomon Islands — (19 Sep. 1978)
    — (20 Sep. 1960)
    South Africa — (7 Nov. 1945)
    South Sudan – (14 Jul. 2011)
    Spain — (14 Dec. 1955)
    Sri Lanka — (14 Dec. 1955)
    Sudan — (12 Nov. 1956)
    Suriname — (4 Dec. 1975)
    Swaziland — (24 Sep. 1968)
    Sweden — (19 Nov. 1946)
    Switzerland — (10 Sep. 2002)
    Syrian Arab Republic — (24 Oct. 1945)
    Tajikistan — (2 Mar. 1992)
    Thailand — (16 Dec. 1946)
    Timor-Leste — (27 Sep. 2002)
    Togo — (20 Sep. 1960)
    Tonga — (14 Sep. 1999)
    Trinidad and Tobago — (18 Sep. 1962)
    Tunisia — (12 Nov. 1956)
    Turkey — (24 Oct. 1945)
    Turkmenistan — (2 Mar. 1992)
    Tuvalu — (5 Sept. 2000)
    Uganda — (25 Oct. 1962)
    Ukraine — (24 Oct. 1945)
    United Arab Emirates — (9 Dec. 1971)
    United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland– (24 Oct. 1945)
    United Republic of Tanzania — (14 Dec. 1961)
    United States of America — (24 Oct. 1945)
    Uruguay — (18 Dec. 1945)
    Uzbekistan — (2 Mar. 1992)
    Vanuatu — (15 Sep. 1981)
    — (15 Nov. 1945)
    Viet Nam — (20 Sep. 1977)
    — (30 Sep. 1947)
    Zambia — (1 Dec. 1964)
    Zimbabwe — (25 Aug. 1980)

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    Information You Should Know Before Getting An Attorney Findi

    Information You Should Know Before Getting An Attorney Finding a trustworthy legal professional can be hard and also aggravating. With all those attorneys around that want your company, how will you make sure who to rely on? This information is filled up with tips that will help you locate a great legal representative. If you’re a defendant of the critical criminal activity, you are going to want a good lawyer. Looking to handle everything your self can create within a compromising situation. A seasoned legal representative should be able to deal with your circumstances correctly. What exactly is your condition? Have you been 100 percent positive that you require the services of a legal professional? For example, divorce situations, illegal cases and economic circumstances typically demand a lawyer. You might also need a legal representative to offer you assistance with an economic subject. Speak to people you rely on about regardless of whether or now they are aware of a excellent legal professional. You may get great recommendations for legal professionals by doing this. Recommendations are a good way to get a attorney but understand that your friends’ advice will not be a wise idea should they have not dealt with very similar concerns. Not be scared of asking your legal professional inquiries you may have. Great legal representatives don’t imagination describing their activities and trying to keep you up-to-date with specifics. If you can’t get responses from your attorney, then it may be time to find a replacement. Be mindful of your own spending budget. When it might seem you have a great case it might be very expensive. Look into the costs the legal representatives cost. When they know your finances and your desired goals, then they can greater determine when they can support you with your legal issues. Really know what charge overruns are feasible. The trustworthiness of your legal representative is essential. Try to find reviews online and contact your nearby pub connection for more information in regards to the attorneys you are looking at. This can save you a great deal of capital, efforts and stress. Just before picking out a legal representative, consult with the club relationship where you reside to enable you to check if any forms of grievances have been submitted against that person. Several grievances should be expected. An extended document of complaints should be a red flag. Ahead of agreeing to use a lawyer, you ought to question the legal professional to reveal all costs in advance. It is a good idea to signal an understanding on fess, especially if the lawyer is operating under their standard level. Then you can put all monetary problems aside, focusing on the way it is. This can also give you plenty of time to get a few bucks away. Will not get distracted by bogus pledges produced by greedy lawyers. Simply a legal professional who is seeking to promote themselves would say this. Great legal professionals recognize that glory is rarely particular. You need to try to find this when selecting a legal representative. Legal professionals work most effectively solution for legitimate troubles. Take advantage of the suggestions you simply study to identify a reliable lawyer who is competent to assist you to. This is something that you would like completed the correct way.

    Facts To Consider When Searching For Your Own Injury Lawyer

    Facts To Consider When Searching For Your Own Injury Lawyer or attorney Oftentimes, for those who have been a victim of the accidental injury, you realize that you may at first will need to go to court. Insurance carriers almost never give acceptable settlements for that reason, you need to be aware of the best way to battle to get the settlement you are worthy of. The recommendations given on this page need to allow you to establish a much better understanding what what is associated with personal injury cases. Tracking across the very best legal professional is a difficult task. From your pressure and discomfort, you should locate an seasoned legal representative that could manage your situation. It takes a huge amount of knowledge to win these situations, so the more knowledgeable they can be, the greater. If you are interested in a good legal professional, get suggestions from loved ones or friends that have been within the identical scenario. In this manner, there is a more robust chance to purchase an lawyer or attorney with who it is possible to function and that has what it takes to succeed. Be sure for the greatest legal professional you are able to possibly pay for. Look online for reputable personal injury law firms. Doing so will give you the important information when determining which legal representative to complement. Search for profitable instances and plenty of practical experience when searching for the ideal injury attorney. Papers the personal damage and acquire photos at each and every feasible angle in the case of a court scenario. You, a buddy or a member of your family might take these images. The sooner you will get images taken in the accident the greater, simply because they can be used data. You must speak to your attorney about deciding your circumstance out of judge. This can save you a lot of head aches and plenty of expenses related to judge expenses. A number of people suffer from back problems. Lessen the pain through a cozy compress about the involved area. It is important to search for medical help for your injuries straight away. Using discomfort tablets like ibuprofen will also help when you are relaxing. When conference with potential legal professionals, ask whether or not they have experience working with similar cases. This helps decide their effectiveness. When your kind of case is a thing the individual does constantly, then that lawyer can be quite a far better match than the usual attorney with minimal experience. Motor Vehicle Accident If you were involved in an automobile accident, file all specifics you could recall and supply these details for your attorney. License platter and driver’s certification amounts are imperative to obtain. Be sure you be aware of names of the insurance companies included. Maintain the passes or reviews authored by authorities provide in the course of the incident. Your scenario may go speedier when you are able do a lot of the legwork. Get all of the other party’s information for those who have experienced a car accident. You could possibly really feel uninjured even so, issues may work surface in the foreseeable future. When you have a heart stroke because of an injury on the mind, it will be possible to consider court action presented you understand who it had been that success you. It might be challenging to safe satisfactory payment for personal personal injuries. You must know the best way to show your injury and choose a legal professional who may have your best likes and dislikes at coronary heart. You’ve just go through some great recommendations now, get out there and apply them.

    Recommendations You Must Know About Coping With Legal profes

    Recommendations You Must Know About Coping With Legal professionals Locating the best legal professional might be neurological-wracking. Considering the variety of distinct attorneys competing to work for you, how do you pick which ones are reliable? Thankfully, the next article has some very nice suggestions that will assist help make your quest for a legal professional a whole lot less difficult. In case a lawyer is eager for you, then don’t retain the services of them. This can be generally a gimmick where by attorneys are simply seeking funds. Only work with a legal professional that you might want. The attorney you choose to signify you should be the one that is readily reachable by telephone. Some legal representatives are challenging ahold of. This may lead to a great deal of issues, not the very least which would be the fact you can expect to question in case you are receiving enough services or otherwise. Figure out when you and your attorney will check in with each other. There are actually lawyers who do not on a regular basis speak to the clientele. Having a set up timetable upfront can stop this from developing. Should you not know an organization attorney but require a single you ought to check with men and women for a recommendation who currently have a single. You could possibly get a affiliate for the very good legal professional from some companies. When you know somebody that performs at the financial institution, by way of example, they into possess some insight into residence lawyers. It is likely they may have regular experience of the particular legal professional you will need. Find out the success rate of your potential legal representatives. Some legal professionals advertise a field of expertise and specific credentials but this does not mean they already have any expertise. If you’re not able to quickly find the information you need on the internet, ask the legal professional himself for this. The standing of your attorney is extremely important. By contacting the pub association where you live as well as on the internet lawyer review resources, it will be probable so that you can figure out if you intend to go after a specialist partnership with a presented practitioner. This could help you save a good deal of money, some time and anxiety. Have plenty of inquiries completely ready when meeting with would-be lawyers to deal with your case. The initial consultation should respond to your questions. The legal professional should be sure that you really feel assured and comfortable regarding the experience and data the legal professional exhibits. If the isn’t the way it is you then shouldn’t work with that attorney. Before hiring a lawyer, contact your nearby nightclub connection to ensure no problems have already been sent in from the lawyer or attorney. A couple of problems need to be envisioned. An extended report of complaints must be a warning sign. Overstressed legal professionals cut corners, and that includes your scenario. Talk with them about their timetable. Legal professionals are generally honest about if they have time to correctly try out your case. Review the attitude of those who work in the attorney’s business office. Discover how fast you will get a telephone call back again and the friendliness in the assistant. When the business office requires quite a long time returning your information, that may give you a tip of how you’ll be treated when you find yourself in fact a customer. You will want great legal representative when you’re dealing with legal issues. Take the suggestions you’ve read on this page and employ it. This is a thing you want accomplished correctly.

    In no way Employ The Most Affordable Lawyer You Will Discove

    In no way Employ The Most Affordable Lawyer You Will Discover Have you ever necessary a legal professional? People need legal professionals for several good reasons. This informative article includes ideas that may help you regardless of the purpose you want a legal professional. Continue reading to learn some useful tips that can help you take care of an attorney appropriately. If you’re a defendant associated with a severe crime, you will need a excellent attorney. Don’t attempt to do this by itself or you will get in a a whole lot worse clutter. Attorneys are capable of manage these kinds of matters as your representative. Although the cost of a qualified practitioner could be a little overwhelming, you will likely end up saving dollars in the long run. Should your lawyer will not be a professional, he will have to commit considerable time on research. That period arrives proper from the budget. You need to know that anything at all inform your lawyer or attorney will be stored in most stringent self confidence. For instance, an attorney are not able to go over essential organization concerns involved with an instance with your competitors. Don’t pick the initially title within the yellow pages. If you need the ideal lawyer, you have to do your homework. The lawyer I hired, who had been advised by my personal real-estate dealer when I bough my very first house, obtained her permit revoked for medical malpractice! You want a truthful representative. Be sure your legal professional and you can meet in person to discuss the situation frequently. Frequently a lawyer is not going to speak to their client for a long time after being chosen. Creating a routine early on will help you avoid these troubles. Although you may sense threatened, not be too shy to show your concerns and anxieties to the legal professional. An effective lawyer or attorney helps to keep his buyer informed. When you don’t get replies that you’re looking for when you use an attorney, it may be time and energy to take into account using the services of another one. Whenever you choose a legal representative, completely have a look at their status. Considering on the internet testimonials as well as the express pub connection will help you see if you should go with a certain lawyer or perhaps not. It will save you funds, some time and tension. Don’t permit your lawyer start off job before you sign a cost commitment. This can be very good considering that you will only really need to be interested in the way it is rather than the financial situation. Also, it helps to keep you must structured. See if your current legal practitioner is aware of the are skilled to aid together with your situation. Keep in mind that every attorney specialized in one type of authorized dilemma and it is recommended to get a referral out of your attorney for the legal professional who has comprehensive knowledge of the level of matter you are coping with. In case you are a current buyer, your lawyer will want your ongoing business and provide a good affiliate. A legal professional can be a fantastic ally. You should depart this example realizing that you’ve done your greatest to get someone that’s proceeding that will help you locate a strategy to issues. Utilize every one of the fantastic details offered right here to enable you to look for a excellent, trusting legal professional to earn your case.

    Record Numbers of Venezuelans Seek Asylum In the U.S. Amid Political Chaos

    As Venezuela plunges deeper into violent, socioeconomic chaos spurred by a worsening political crisis, a steadily growing number of residents from the ailing nation are looking to the U.S. for refuge.

    Some 8,300 Venezuelans shall be used for U.S. asylum in the first three months of 2017, which, as the Associated Press points out, puts the country on track to virtually double its record 18,155 requests last year. Around one in every 5 U.S. applicants this fiscal year is Venezuelan, inducing Venezuela America’s leading source of asylum claimants for the first time, outdoing countries like China and Mexico.

    The surge in asserts is an acceleration of an already alarming trend: the overall number of Venezuelan asylum seekers soared threefold from about 10,200 in 2015 to a staggering 34,200 in 2016, according to a United Nations report released this week.

    ” Traditionally we have ensure a direct correlation between human rights violations in Venezuela and asylum seekers ,” Julio Henriquez, director of the Boston-based nonprofit Refugee Freedom Program, explained to the AP.” We are nearing a refugee crisis .”

    Such a forecast would have seemed absurd not long ago. In fact, Venezuela was the wealthiest country in South America in 2001. Now, its inflation rate — already the highest in the world — is set to reach 2, 000 percentage in 2018, according to International Monetary Fund.

    Many blame President Nicolas Maduro for the oil-rich country’s swift descent into unrest, and violent protests demanding his resignation have rocked the capital for months on end. Maduro, who was narrowly elected in 2013 after the death of former President Hugo Chavez, is fiercely devoted to extending his predecessor’s legacy and socialist policies, even in the face of crippling recession, hyperinflation and extreme shortages of basic goods.

    The latest major conflicts, which erupted in early April, have already resulted in scores of deaths. Authorities have arrested thousands of Venezuelans; many of whom have been sentenced by military courts and remain in custody.

    Desperate families are spending hours lined up to spend their grossly devalued currency on food and medicine, while prices skyrocket and renders dwindle.

    As the situation continues to deteriorate, Venezuela has slowly emerged on the world stage and begun to garner international attention and concern.

    ” We’re starting to see serious instability in Venezuela ,” U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley warned at a Security Council meeting May — the first time the 15 -nation council has met to discuss Venezuela’s crisis. U.S. President Donald Trump also weighed in on the issues in March, calling it” a disgrace to humanity .”

    Venezuela rejected the recent U.S. criticism, as Maduro has long accused the U.S. of trying to interfere and topple his government.

    Tensions escalated again this week following the death of Fabian Urbina, a 17 -year-old protester reportedly shot dead by Venezuelan security forces on Monday. More than 70 people have been killed amid the recent conflicts, AFP reports .

    Maduro had called for a rewrite of Venezuela’s constitution, suggesting this will” restore peace” in the divided country. But critics accuse the Venezuelan president of using the move to confuse from the commotion and protected his reelection.

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