In order to apostille this document, you will need to contact the Social Security Administration and obtain a signed copy.

If any of the steps below are not followed, the letter will be rejected by the U.S. Department of State.

1.    Have letter signed by an SSA employee

2.    Have the signer print their first and last name.  Initials cannot be used.  The entire first and last name must be printed.  If initials are used, the letter will be rejected by the U.S. Department of State

3.    Contact phone number for the signer must be printed under the name

4.    Letter stamped using their local SSA stamp

After you finish these steps, We can help you with the Apostile.

Contact the Social Security Administration and obtain a signed copy


You can either visit the closest Social Security office or you can obtain the letter from the SSA’s online website located here:

We can Apostille in 1 week copies of Federal documents except those related to USCIS - immigration (such as naturalization certificates, name change petition, etc.)

We apostille documents issued by Federal Entities.

You must follow the steps indicated on the page: Apostille of Federal documents.


Certificate to Foreign Government (CFG).


Certificate of Environmental Protection Agency


Certificate of Pharmaceutical Products


Export Certificate for Animal Products


Certificate of Exportability.


Certified copy of Naturalization from Homeland Security


Free Sale Certificate issued by the FDA


Phytosanitary or Plant Certificate


USDA Animal Health Certificate


FBI Background Check - 1 Week


USPTO Trademark Certificate


Phytosanitary or Plant Certificate

Do they ask for an apostille of your academic certificate or university diploma?

Apostille Miami offers apostille service for documents such as:

Florida Hague Apostille

Who represents Apostilles Miami Apostille?


Apostille Miami Apostille is represented by several Professional Notaries, legalized by the State of Florida, dedicated to the legalization of documents, specifically apostilles and authentication certificates,  in both cases issued by the American State.

The two procedures consist of certification by the US government authority for the international use of documents. Both processes take between 7-10 consecutive days.

Finding the right company to assist you with your apostille or document legalization needs can be difficult, as well as a waste of time and money. It is very important to put yourself in the hands of an experienced professional. Through several years of experience in the field of apostilles and embassy legalizations, we have provided advisory services to those seeking certification from the relevant US governmental authority of both personal and business documents from any state. United States for international use. To find out what type of document legalization you require or for any other questions, contact us at 1 305-896-5896 in the USA Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm EST Send us an email to We will gladly guide you throughout the  RATES process

We manage fixed rates for our different Miami Apostilles Miami services

MIAMI APOSTILLE SERVICES:  For member countries of the Hague Convention We offer apostille services for all budgets, these are the options:  STANDARD MIAMI APOSTILLE PROCESS  $ 160.00 for the first apostilled document + plus return package cost. (within the USA via USPS there is no additional cost) Special rates for more than one document, contact us.

  • Locally we ship via American mail: USPS
  •  International: depends on the country, via DHL (+/- $85.00).

APOSTILLE PROCESS MIAMI ECONOMIC VENEZUELA  $ 185.00 for each apostilled document and we include delivery in Caracas, Maracay or Valencia. Slower delivery time. * Certain types of documents have an extra fee. Note: Birth, marriage, death and divorce certificates can only be  APOSTILLED  original documents. In these cases, the copies do not qualify to be apostilled, even if these copies are notarized. For more information, please contact: Dagoberto Rodriguez  Cell Phone Miami:  305-896-5896

Different types of Federal Apostilles


US Department of Agriculture – USDA

Internal Revenue Service – IRS.

US Food and Drug Administration – FDA.

* They can be issued by the State Government or the Local Chamber of Commerce.

US Department of the Treasury – USDH.

US Department of the Treasury – USDH.

Office of Personnel Management – ​​OPM.

US Department of Health and Human Services – HHS.

Environmental protection agency.

US Department of Justice – DOJ.

Social Security Administration – SSA.

US Patent and Trademark Office – USPTO.

US Department of Transportation USDT.


Certifications, signature legitimations, legalizations and Apostille of the Hague so that they have legality in Spain

Many International students ask me: Do you manage Documents Certified before The Hague?
The word certified means that it is an official copy of a document.
The certification can be made from any type of document. Some examples could be:

  • Certification and Apostille of Grades or school grades,
  • The Certification and Apostille of a University Degree,
  • Exclusive Certification of a University Degree,
  • Only the Certificate of Grades or school grades,
  • Likewise, a Record of a deed can be certified,
  • A Will can also be certified,
  • We will even verify a home or office electricity bill.

Regardless of the reason, any document can be certified. The same rule that authorizes the Attestation of Documents, authorizes the Apostille of an Attested document. However, the rule that prevails, The most important thing about certification is that the copy is compared with the original. For this reason, the Interested Party is requested to have the originals with them so that the Notary can make a faithful and exact copy himself.


Copies of the original can only be made by a certified entity, such as the Notary, a judicial or administrative body who attests that the content of both documents are identical, totally the same.

Having clarified the term Attested, I warn you that not every country that receives Attested Documents has the same rules for accepting these attested documents. Among these is Spain, which requires two (2) special conditions, without which it will not accept your Attested Document. For more information, please contact us. Please note that the process is different when the certification is done within the USA and the original document is issued in the USA than when this document is issued outside the USA.

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